Fridays for Future – Greta Thunbergs Rede von ihrem Besuch in Wien

Letzten Freitag hat Greta Thunberg an der „Fridays for Future“ Kundgebung in Wien teilgenommen und am Schwarzenbergplatz eine kurze Rede gehalten.

Wer nicht die Gelegenheit hatte, selbst dabei zu sein, kann die Rede hier (so gut wie möglich von uns transkribiert), nachlesen.

Greta Thunberg, 31.05.2019, Wien, Schwarzenbergplatz
thank you all so much for being here today, thank you everyone who has organized this and thank you media and everyone.
During the last months, millions of young people have been school striking for the climate.
There have been strikes on all continents including Antarctica, in over 140 countries, everywhere, from China to Brazil, from Russia to the USA, from Iraq to South Africa, from India to Mexico, from Greenland to the Philippines, from Syria to Peru, from Portugal to New Zealand and from Nigeria to Österreich.
In Jerusalem last week, palestinian and israeli youth marched together for the climate.
We together have accomplished a lot. It would have been impossible without every single one of you.
Together we are changing the world. And I want to say a special thank you to all the local organizers, everywhere.
I know how many hours you spend mobilizing and organizing.
And also to those, who are still striking, even though they are risking a lot, in extreme cases they even risk their freedom.

If millions of children decide to school strike, for the inaction of our leaders, then there´s a clears sign, something is very wrong.
And something is indeed very wrong.

The global emmissions are still rising, and we are still only scratching the surface of this emergency.
So we will have to prepare ourselves to go on striking for a very long time, unfortunately.

But most adults and people in power are still not listening to us
They say „Go back to school so that, when you get older, you can change something.
Just the little detail, that it´s going to be to late, by the time we graduate, they leave out.
They mock us, they lie and spread rumours about us, they threaten us, they hate on us and they make up at least one new theory, conspiracy theory, every day they punish us with fines, threats, lower grades and detention.
Our future is being taken away from us and the least they can do for us is to allow us protest against that.

Just imagine how these people will be judged in the future.
To the adults, who say we should be in school instead, we want to say:
„Strike for yourselves then, strike from work, go out on the streets, do something.
We need you now more than ever.

It is not our fault that it´s like this, it´s the older generations who have caused this crisis, not us.
And yet we are the ones, who are going to be most affected by it.
In every decision that people in power take, they must consider, what that decision will mean for future living conditions to all species, the ecosystems and for us.

They need to stop being unable to think beyond the next election or the next financial reports.
They need to dare to be uncomfortable and unprofitable and make those decisions that may not increase their popularity in the next poll.
They need to stopp thinking only about themselves.

In a few weeks, school will end and we will all go on school holidays, but we must not end here.
This is only the beginning of the beginning.

In September, the UN will hold Climate Summit in New York,
in December, the United Nations Conference Parties COP25 will be held in Santigo de Chile.
And these events are what we are going to have to focus on now… whatever we are because this is pretty much, where our future will be decided.
Because by the year 2020, next year, the emmission curve must have been down bended steap downwards if we are to have a chance, to stay below 1.5 or 2 degrees of addidtional warming.

After summer holidays, I´m starting gymnasium, it is like swedish high school, and this is what I really want to do, because I love studying,
but I also have been invited to attend these two events in north and south America, and since time is running out, I have decided to try to take a sabbatical year from school and to go there.

The tricky thing, the tricky thing, is, that´s on the other side of the Atlantic ocean and there are no trains going there.
And since I don´t fly, because of the enormous climate impact of avition, it´s going to be a challenge I haven´t quite figured that out, yet.
But I´m sure I will get there somehow, we will all have to do the impossible(?). The school strike will continue next year and the year after that.
We will go on protesting and manifesting every Friday until the world is aligned with the Paris agreements. And we call up on the adults, to join us.

We need everyone – are you with us?
Now, we go on together.
Thank you

Greta Thunberg, 31-05-2019, Wien Schwarzenbergplatz

(Transkription ohne Gewähr, Typos und falsche verstandene Worte sind leider möglich aber unbeabsichtigt)